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BRINDLEWAY Toyger cattery

Welcome to my toyger cattery!

My name is Luana (Anna) Dion Buyan (Sudeikis husband's surname) and I am the first breeder of toygers in Ukraine. While hostilities are taking place in Ukraine, we have partially moved our cattery to Poland. In the future, I hope that we will again be able to breed toygers in our homeland.

History of the my cattery began in 2016. First toygers arrived to me from the USA. These three remarkable toygers - king Jango and two queens Ateya and Jipsey. For a first time I could not come to senses - they were very graceful and their bright color aroused admiration. They are real friends for me from the first day - absolutely affectionate and lovely.

Brindleway Toyger Cattery

Our Toyger cattery was

TICA registered

in 2016

Our toyger cats at exhibitions

Odessa, 2016

Kiev, 2016

Odessa, 2016

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