Hello! Welcome in our cattery!

We are Anna and Alexey Sudeikis and we are the first breeders of toygers in Ukraine. We are in a small village near the city of Odessa.

Our history of the cattery began in 2016. Our first toygers arrived from the USA. These are three remarkable toygers - king Jango and two queens of Ateya and Jipsey. For a long time we could not come to our senses - they were very graceful and their bright color aroused admiration. They are real friends for us from the first day - absolutely affectionate.

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Our cattery was

TICA registered

in 2016

In our family there was a miracle in March 2017 - our son Arthur was born. He made good friends with our cats and dogs from the first months of his life. Our toygers are very careful and educated in their relationship with a young child. Arthur and the toyger cats can play together for hours.

Our cats at exhibitions

Kiev, 2016

Odessa, 2016

Odessa, 2016


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