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     Hello, friends!

    My name is Luana and I so happy to be the breeder of Toyger cat.
This wonderful one very beautiful, gracious and friendly breed.

    I met the first toyger cat in 2016 and since then I love them very much and have been breeding them to share this beauty with other people. Every morning I meet the day with my cats and they give me a lot of positive emotions. Absolutely all of them love love and attention.

   I also took a lot of pictures of my cats myself and made a website on my own so that everyone can see the beauty of these cats. I try to update the information on the site as often as possible so that you can see your kitten, which will win your heart.


Little about toygers...

With her beautiful bold stripes and powerful body, the Toyger looks like a jungle tiger. This breed has a friendly, outgoing temperament and delights in being with people, even strangers, and gets along well with other pets. Highly intelligent, the Toyger is easy to train to go on leash walks and to play fetch. The Toyger is generally robust and healthy.

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BRINDLEWAY Cattery deliver Toyger kittens throughout Europe: UK, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Czech etc.

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