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Most Popular Cat Breeds

Cats are the most common household pet. People are attracted to their grace, independence, affection, and playfulness. They are capable of not only brightening solitude but also creating a more pleasant atmosphere in the home. There are a vast number of cat breeds, but we will consider the most popular cat breeds.


A young and artificially developed breed. Their fur coloration resembles that of a tiger, hence their name. They have clear dark stripes on a yellow-reddish background. They have an elongated body on short legs. This breed is one of the most good-natured. They are very smart and can be taught some commands. Toygers are not whimsical and have a calm temperament. Such a cat will always find common ground with family members and other pets. They do not require special care, but the food must be of high quality.

British Shorthair

Quite large cats but a bit stocky. They have a round face with clearly defined round cheeks. The nose is flat and wide, a strong chin, and a not-long thick tail. This appearance gives the breed a visual robustness. The fur is dense and short, which can be of various colors: gray-blue, beige, white, and others. They become attached to the owner but are not fans of being held frequently. British Shorthairs do not require too much attention and have a relatively calm character.

Maine Coon

A very large breed of cat – adult males can weigh up to 10 kg. The height of a cat is within 30 – 40 cm, and the length 100-120 cm. Cats reach such sizes in about 4 years. They have developed musculature and strong legs. They are very curious and love to communicate. It should be noted that this breed can easily be trained to walk on a leash. They are unpretentious to the environment and surroundings: easily tolerate both heat and frosts. Can get along with other cats and dogs.

Scottish Fold

Their distinctive feature is small ears that are completely folded, covering the ear canal. This medium-sized breed has a powerful compact body. The head is round on a short neck, eyes large and wide open. The fur is dense and short with different colors: gray, black, peach, white, and others. Friendly, but in the family, they can often become attached to one family member to whom they will have greater affection. Since Scots are less active, it's important to monitor their activity and not overfeed – they are prone to gaining excess weight.


Characterized by very short legs and an elongated body, so their walk will not demonstrate feline grace. The body is thick with a broad chest. Their fur (can be short or long) protects them from any weather, and the color is practically unlimited. This is a very friendly breed, and their playfulness will be observed throughout their life. They love company and can learn simple commands, for example, fetching a ball. Despite short legs, they are capable of jumping on different elevations and run quite fast.


An unusual breed of cats as they lack fur. But they cannot be called bald - there is a light fuzz on their body. They lack eyelids, eyes are deeply set and resemble the shape of a lemon. Muscles are well developed, legs are long and thin. The rib cage is narrow and the body widens from the middle of the back. The cat's color can vary: gray, white, beige, and spotting is allowed. Friendly, playful, love company. It's important to know that they like to sleep in the owner's bed. Since they do not have fur, they need to be dressed in winter.

We have introduced you to the most popular cat breeds, and which one you decide to acquire will depend on personal preferences regarding appearance and the character of the pet. The main thing is proper care for each breed, and the pet will repay you with affection and attachment.


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